We live what we do.

And have fun doing it.


Casey Shagena



I grew up in a family of six, too many pets to count, in a small beach town in Michigan⁣. A water person through and through.⁣

I'm a green beauty addict 🌱 and used to own a natural beauty boutique in an Airstream in Portland, Oregon (and yes, it was *very Portland* 😆). ⁣

In another life I would have been a naturopath and a holistic farmer⁣; I spend a lot of time making potions.

Loves: zero waste hacking, curly hair, growing veggies, churros, natural textiles, plant-based cooking, and analyzing just about everything.

My Design Style: Light, textural, full of feeling.

INFP to a T – I follow my intuition, am strong to my principles, and am forever an idealist.⁣


Lou Medel



Lou brings the party to our studio and is always finding ways to liven up every project.

Some fun facts about Lou:⁣
Born & raised on the South Side of Chicago... so don't even think about calling him a Cubs fan🤭.⁣

A storyteller at his core – he's a regular at @npr The Moth Story Slams in Detroit⁣.⁣

When he's not working, you can find him baking loaves of homemade sourdough bread – or feeding his starter🍞.⁣

Loves: Patterns⁣, sketchbooks, ⁣traveling the world, songs that have whistling, making playlists for every occasion.

Lou's design style: ⁣Anything goes⁣!⁣

ENFP – Lead by curiosity and a wealth of creative energy, he's the social butterfly of the studio.


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